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Flags found in the German weekly news magazine "Der Spiegel"


Issue 1 (January 1st)

p. 57: Demonstration of German Neonazis waving the black-white-red flag with a black Iron Cross (essentially the Imperial jack 1871-1919 and 1933-1935, also War Ensign 1933-1935) and the flag of the JN (youth organization of the NPD).


Issue 2 (January 8th)

p. 46: Demonstration of German Neonazis with JN flags and black-white-red flags.


p. 65: Burning of a US flag during demonstrations against World Economical Forum in Davos in 2000


p. 71: Mario Monti, member of the EU commission, in front of the EU flag and the flags of the EU member states (all with golden fringe)


p. 106: Demonstration of Danish opponents against the Euro with a blue transparent with the EU stars and an unknown device in the center of the stars


p. 107: Demonstration of Turkish islamists in Istanbul, waving a lot of Turkish flags


p. 125: Students’ demonstration in Beijing, April 1989, with a red flag with Chinese characters


Issue 3 (January 15th)

p. 17: Demonstration of Iranian exilees, July 2000, in Berlin, waving plain green-white-red flags.


p. 74: Demonstration in 1973, involving German Foreign Minister Fischer (the third from the right) in his young days; one of the demonstrators holds a unicolored flag (the foto is b-w, the flag looks to bright for being a simple red flag)


p. 76: German flag and Hessen state flag (with arms) in front of the seat of the Hessen minister president


p. 126: House of Ariel Sharon, leader of the Israeli Likud party, in the Old City of Jerusalem, displaying a very long vertical variant of the Israeli flag (ca. 9:1)


p. 126: Ariel Sharon in front of an Israeli flag


p. 126: Demonstration in Jerusalem, January 2001, showing a blueish-purplish (party?) flag with a golden device


p. 132: Horseman show in Turkmenistan with a waving Turkmeni flag; the green is certainly darker than in the flag on the FOTW website


p. 132: National holiday celebrations in Turkmenistan, showing a lot of Turkmenistan flags, but also several other national flags; recognizable are: Oman, Honduras (?), Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Bahamas, Cape Verde, Latvia, Swaziland, Gambia, Belgium, Suriname, Mali, Kiribati, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, Netherlands.


Issue 4 (January 22nd)

p. 7: US president Bush, vice president Cheney and wifes in front of the Lincoln Memorial; soldiers display flags of several US states (from left to right): Tennessee, unrecognizable, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Massachusetts?, Georgia, Pennsylvania; Delaware, New Jersey, Louisiana?, Maryland, New Hampshire?, Montana?, Illinois?, South Dakota?


p. 46: Old parliamentary building in Bonn (Germany): During a commercial event of the food company Kraft unicolored flags (red, blue, yellow, green) are displayed alongside the Kraft flag (logo on bedsheet) and the German national flag.


p. 74: Painting by Carl Röchling (copy), showing the Prussian king Friedrich II. bearing a military colour.


p. 79: German revolution 1848 (contemporary lithography): use of the revolutionary and democratic colours black-red-gold.


p. 80: Some military colour (French colour as a trophy?) of the Napoleonic Wars


p. 81: Painting by Anton von Werner, showing the proclamation of the Prussian king Wilhelm I as German emperor (in Versailles); there are several military colours on display.

p. 192: Demonstration in Berlin (1968) against the Vietnam War: You can see (presumably) plain red flags and Vietcong flags (red over blue with big yellow star in centre).


Issue 5 (January 29th)

p. 26: Demonstration of French trade unions, mostly showing red flags with inscriptions.


p. 40: Headquarters of the BND (Federal intelligence service) in Pullach (Germany). Surprisingly not only the German national flag, but also the EU flag is on display.


p. 40: Palestinians with flags of the Hamas/Djihad Islami (?) and green flags with the Shahada.


p. 76: Demonstration against the Vietnam War (Berlin, 1968), showing pictures of the German communists Liebknecht and Luxemburg and of Ho Chi Minh; flags are probably plain red flags and Vietcong flags.


p. 77: Protests against the Gorleben (Germany) nuclear installations, showing several unrecognizable flags (some red with devices, others yellow or white)


p. 125: Coffin of Laurent Kabila (DR Congo) with national flag of DR Congo


p. 126: Plain red flags in China (arrestment of a follower of the Falun Gong sect)


p. 131: Demonstration of followers of Milosevic, showing the old Yugoslavian flag (1946-1991).


p. 142: Demonstration of Zapatists in Chiapas (Mexico) showing the Mexican national flag.


p. 142: The new president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, during inauguration: he wears a sash in the national colors with the arms on it.


p. 172: Demonstration of the APO (Außerparlamentarische Opposition = Extraparliamentary Opposition) in Bremen (Germany), 1969; flags on display are probably plain red ones.


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